How to Make a Lifetime Recalibration Request for Your Sphygmomanometer

If your MDF Instruments sphygmomanometer needs recalibration, make sure to register your sphygmomanometer here. Then make a request for your Lifetime Recalibration Warranty! All you will need to provide is your name, phone number, email,...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Assemble your Iconica Sphygmomanometer

With our new Quick-Release Connectors, assembling your Iconica Sphygmomanometer is a breeze. Simply insert the needle of the gauge into the adaptor from the tubing and you’re all set!  

/ July 21, 2017

How to Find Your Sphygmomanometer’s Serial Number

Need to register you sphygmomanometer? Find the serial number on your blood pressure unit by checking the face of your sphygmomanometer’s gauge. It will be a 7 digit number that is embossed on the face of...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Rotate your MDF® Babinkski Telescoping Neurological Reflex Hammer (MDF535XT)

To rotate the head on the patented MDF Instruments Telescoping Babinski Hammer (MDF 535XT), extend the handle and pull down on the barrel at the top of the hammer. This will release the joint that...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Find the Serial Number on Your Reflex Hammer

Need to register your MDF Instruments reflex hammer and can’t find your serial number? No need to fret, you can find your reflex hammer’s serial number by simply inspecting your instrument. To find your reflex...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Clean and Care for your MDF Instruments Stethoscopes & Sphygmomanometers

Learn how to clean your MDF Instruments stethoscope and blood pressure unit in the video below:   If your sphygmomanometer needs a good cleaning properly disinfect your sphygmomanometer by: Using 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol Avoiding...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Request an MDF Instruments Warranty Claim

Does your stethoscope need new tubing? Is something up with your sphygmomanometer? Take advantage of your stethoscope’s Lifetime Warranty or sphygmomanometer’s three-year manufacturer’s warranty and request a warranty replacement. Learn how in the video below!  ...

/ July 21, 2017

How to Find your Stethoscope’s Serial Number

To register your stethoscope and activate its lifetime warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life membership, you must include your stethoscope’s serial number. To find your stethoscope’s serial number, look for a series of 7 characters embossed on your...

/ July 21, 2017

How Do I Register My MDF Instruments Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, or Reflex Hammer?

Want to take advantage of your MDF Instruments stethoscope’s Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life membership? What about your MDF Instruments sphygmomanometer’s 3-year warranty and Lifetime Calibration Warranty? It’s now easier than ever! You can register you...

/ July 3, 2017

Free Burma Rangers Risk Lives to Rescue Victims in Mosul

Today our office is both overwhelmed with sadness and awe after viewing CNN’s feature of one of our extraordinary Crafting Wellness teams, Free Burma Rangers‘ rescue mission in Mosul, Iraq. As corpses lay across rock...

/ June 6, 2017