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MDF® Free-Parts-For-Life Program SM


Yes, really- free parts forever! 


MDF® Instruments offers Free-Parts-For-Life SM for MDF® stethoscopes to all registered customers. If you have not registered, please do so by clicking here. Please note: we will not process Free-Parts-For-Life SM requests for unregistered customers.


To submit your free parts request, email us at with the following:


1. The model number of your stethoscope (beginning with “MDF”)

2. The address in which you want your parts shipped

3. The part(s) you need:

     -  ComfortSeal™ eartips (available in small, medium, and large)

     -  Retaining Ring and Diaphragm

     -  Non-Chill Ring

     -  ID Tag

4.  Color of parts: Clear or Black

5.  Feel free to attach a photo of your product or part needed


It's on us > shipment of replacement parts are 100% free to locations in: the United States, Mexico, Canada, European Union, China, and Brazil. If your location is not included in the listed countries, please contact customer service at or +1.818.357.5647.


For Lifetime Warranty requests or any other inquiries, please contact


For questions or help with any part of this process, feel free to call us at: +1.818.357.5647.